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More Than Just Aesthetics: Orthodontic Issues Fixed by Braces

Orthodontic treatment is often associated with drastic transformations and improvements in dental appearance, but numerous orthodontic issues are fixed by…

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Getting Your Braces Removed: What to Expect and Helpful Tips

Reaching the end of orthodontic treatment and getting your braces removed is an exciting and significant time in one’s life.…

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Unmasking Orthodontic Myths: Brace Yourself for the Truth!

At Fravel Brewer Orthodontics, we often address common questions from patients undergoing treatment fo braces in Orlando. Braces often find…

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Braces in Orlando Corrective Jaw Surgery - Jaylan

Your Journey to Jaw Correction and Braces in Orlando

Embarking on the journey of braces in Orlando while also correcting jaw misalignment? We’re here to make this experience as…

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Invisalign® in Orlando

Invisible Transformation: The Wonders of Invisalign® in Orlando

When it comes to Invisalign® in Orlando, most people envision traditional metal braces with wires and brackets. While braces are highly…

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Orlando Orthodontist Fall FAQs

Orlando Orthodontist | Fall FAQs

As the leaves change color and the air turns crisp, fall brings about its unique set of considerations for those…

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Orlando Braces Fall Sports

Braces and Fall Sports: Safeguarding Your Smile

Fall brings a host of exciting activities, including one of the most anticipated events for many: Sports Season! Whether it’s…

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overbite vs underbite

Overbite vs Underbite: What You Need to Know

When people think of braces, many of them only think about braces correcting crooked teeth. While this is a big…

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one or two crooked teeth

What if I have just one or two crooked teeth? Do I need braces?

Perhaps you’ve been staring at a few crooked teeth in the mirror for years.  Or maybe you’re seeing a little…

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silver braces

Are Silver Braces Still a Good Treatment Option?

You might be considering braces for yourself or your child to correct crooked teeth or another orthodontic issue. With so…

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moving with braces

Moving with Braces

Getting braces is a big deal. This marks the beginning of their journey to better oral health and a straighter…

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ceramic vs metal braces

Ceramic Braces vs Metal Braces

Braces are a common dental appliance, with over 4 million Americans currently wearing them. For years they’ve served to straighten…

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