Braces in Orlando Corrective Jaw Surgery - Jaylan

Your Journey to Jaw Correction and Braces in Orlando

Embarking on the journey of braces in Orlando while also correcting jaw misalignment? We’re here to make this experience as simple as possible! This involves a seamless blend of orthodontic care and corrective jaw surgery. This powerful duo not only enhances appearance but also improves functionality and overall oral health. 

The Role of Braces in Orlando for Creating a Stable Foundation 

Starting with braces, this initial phase gently aligns teeth, creating a stable foundation for the subsequent surgical correction. Corrective jaw surgery, or orthognathic surgery, becomes essential when jaw misalignment surpasses what braces alone can address. This surgery repositions the jawbones, addressing issues like overbites, underbites, and facial asymmetry.  

Comprehensive Solution through Combined Braces and Jaw Surgery 

The combined braces and jaw surgery approach ensures a comprehensive solution. Braces prepare teeth for surgery, and post-surgery, they fine-tune the bite for optimal alignment. 

Success Stories – Edword’s Journey 

Edword started his treatment with us in 2019 until 2022. He had both braces and corrective jaw surgery. Corrective jaw surgery credit goes to Dr. Avery Goldberg and his team at Orlando Oral & Facial Surgery for both of our patients, Edword and Jaylan.

Jaylon’s Success with Jaw Surgery and Braces in Orlando

Sometimes it takes more than just braces are needed to fix a patient’s bite. In these cases, corrective jaw surgery in combination with braces can fix the alignment of your jaw and teeth like how it did for our patient above, Jaylan.

Transformative Results and Long-Term Oral Health 

The results are transformative, offering improved facial symmetry, enhanced chewing function, and a confidence boost. Beyond aesthetics, the corrected jaw alignment contributes to long-term oral health. 

Begin Your Journey with a Free Consultation 

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