More Than Just Aesthetics: Orthodontic Issues Fixed by Braces

Orthodontic treatment is often associated with drastic transformations and improvements in dental appearance, but numerous orthodontic issues are fixed by braces that extend far beyond aesthetics. They can provide a comprehensive solution to functional problems impacting your quality of life.

Misaligned jaw

Jaw misalignment occurs when the top and bottom teeth do not fit comfortably in the mouth and can disrupt daily life when untreated. The most common types are overbites (protrusion of the upper teeth) and underbites (protrusion of the bottom teeth). A misaligned jaw can lead to speech difficulties, problems with chewing, breathing issues, and pain or discomfort. 

Oral hygiene 

Untreated orthodontic concerns such as crowding, overlapping, and rotated teeth can have long-term adverse effects on tooth health. Maintaining an effective oral hygiene routine is more effortless when teeth are straight, potentially preventing future dental problems like stained teeth, cavities, and gingivitis. 


The position of your teeth can significantly impact your speech, as your tongue may not hit them properly. Certain sounds, such as the “sss,” require that teeth be in a relatively proper position. Orthodontic treatment can improve such problems such as lisps or whistling.


Difficulty chewing can be a life-disrupting problem, causing discomfort and pain for those who experience it. The good news is that braces, Invisalign, and other orthodontic interventions can provide a solution, bringing relief and improving one’s quality of life. 


Receiving braces or Invisalign treatment can provide benefits beyond a perfect smile. If you want to transform your smile, we’d love to help—give us a call!

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