Retainers in Ocoee FL

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Keeping that new and improved smile

The same mobility that allows braces and Invisalign to shift teeth into their proper positions also allows teeth to slowly shift back to their original places over time. Fortunately, wearing a retainer can keep that from happening. Learn more about retainers in Ocoee FL.

“How long do I have to wear a retainer?”

We hear this question a lot from our patients, and our answer is “Forever...but not all of the time.”

Every patient’s smile is different, but in general we recommend that patients wear their retainers day and night for the first 3 months after completing treatment. Then they can switch to only wearing it at night. After 12 months, they may even be able to wear their retainers a few nights a week.

At Fravel Brewer Orthodontics, we continue to follow up with patients after they finish their treatment to ensure their retainers are working and fitting properly.

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Types of retainers in Ocoee FL

Hawley Retainers

These removable appliances are what people typically picture when they think about retainers. They have a plastic piece that fits against the roof of the mouth, and a wire that wraps snugly around the front of the teeth to keep them in place.

Clear Retainers

A little newer to the orthodontic scene, these retainers look just like Invisalign aligners. They fit over the teeth and hold them in place. They are removable, making it easy to brush and floss and keep the retainers clean.

Permanent Retainers

Permanent retainers are bent to fit your new, straight smile and attached to the back of the front teeth to hold them in place. Because they are attached, you don’t ever have to worry about losing or forgetting to wear them.

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