moving with braces

Moving with Braces

Getting braces is a big deal. This marks the beginning of their journey to better oral health and a straighter smile for most people. But what if you need to move to a new city before your orthodontist treatment is complete? This question can cause anxiety among orthodontic patients. Here at Fravel Brewer Orthodontics, we can help make your transition smooth and easy. 

Step 1: Talk to your current orthodontist

Unfortunately, transferring to a new practice is less than ideal. It can extend treatment time and ultimately cost more money. The first thing to do when you find out you’re moving is talk to your current orthodontist. They have experience with helping other patients handle a move during orthodontic treatment and will be able to help you, too. 

Depending on how much treatment is left, sometimes the best solution is to return for a few visits until your treatment is complete. If you move too far away or there is just too much treatment left for this to be possible, your orthodontist can plan your last appointment at their office and make sure you have what you need before moving. 

Step 2: Find a new orthodontist

Talk to your current orthodontist and see if they have any recommendations for orthodontists near your new home. Orthodontists often have friendships with other orthodontists from their days in school or attending conferences. They may know who would be a good fit for you. 

You should also look at your insurance and note any changes due to your move. Whether you keep your current insurance or switch carriers, ensure your new orthodontist is covered. This information can usually be found online at your insurance carrier’s website or by calling the number on your insurance card. 

You should also ensure your new orthodontist can continue your same treatment. Ask them if you can keep your braces or current appliances or if they’ll have to replace them. Generally, it will be easier for you if they can keep your current appliances

Step 3: Attend your last appointment at your current office

It’s important to visit your current orthodontist one last time before moving. They can take pictures or X-rays and send them to your new orthodontist. Ask to have your complete patient records sent to your new orthodontist; they might require you to fill out a waiver before you move. 

You can also close out your account with your old orthodontist office and complete any pending payments. If you have been paying for your orthodontic treatment through drafted monthly payments, make sure your account doesn’t continue to get drafted after you move. 

Your orthodontist should also give you any supplies you need before you move: rubber bands, wax, flossers, and other braces necessities. If your new orthodontist needs to provide you with their own braces or appliances, your current orthodontist will remove your current ones.

If you are moving and looking for a new orthodontist in Orlando, contact Fravel Brewer Orthodontics today! We are happy to take new patients at any stage of their orthodontic treatment. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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