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invisalign or mail order braces

What Is the Difference Between Invisalign and Mail-Order Braces?

As we all know, just because two things appear the same doesn’t mean they actually are the same. This is…

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Do braces hurt

Do Braces Hurt?

It’s well known that braces will give you straighter teeth and can lead to better dental health.  But some patients…

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Learn if you should get braces again.

Should I Get Braces Again?

For most patients, completing orthodontic treatment is something they only consider going through once. Most think braces are meant to…

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Learn why having braces in the summer is a good idea.

Having Braces in Ocoee FL over the Summer

Summer is a time for slower schedules, going on vacation, and spending time with friends. It can also be a…

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Learn more about the importance of dental hygiene with braces.

The Importance of Dental Hygiene with Braces

When you have braces, trying to keep your teeth clean can seem like a waste of time. Between the brackets…

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Even though flossing with braces can be challenging, learn why flossing is so important for your dental health.

Flossing with Braces

Not many people enjoy the process of flossing. For those who don’t do it much, it can be kind of…

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Use these tips from the best orthodontist in Ocoee and West Orange County to get your braces off sooner.

What Can I Do to Get My Braces off Sooner?

The best part of having braces is getting them off and seeing the results. Moving teeth can seem like a…

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Learn why rubber bands are used on braces and Invisalign from the best orthodontist in West Orange County, Ocoee, and Winter Springs FL.

Why Rubber Bands Are Used on Braces

Considering the years of education and training it takes to become an orthodontist, it may seem a bit odd that…

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Patients often wonder if they will be wearing a retainer forever. An orthodontist in West Orange County answers this important question.

Will I Be Wearing a Retainer Forever?

Getting your braces off or finishing with your last Invisalign aligner is a great feeling. You’ve made it to the…

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Answers to your questions about insurance for braces from an orthodontist in Winter Garden FL

Top 7 Questions about Insurance for Braces

Insurance is the most common way to make healthcare more affordable in the U.S. We have insurance for doctors’ visits,…

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Find out if Invisalign is better than braces from the best orthodontist in Ocoee FL

Is Invisalign Better Than Braces?

When it comes to straightening teeth, patients have more options than ever before. Traditional braces may still be the most…

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Learn how much braces cost from the best orthodontist in Ocoee FL

How Much Do Braces Cost?

“How much do braces cost?” is one of the most frequently searched questions when it comes to orthodontic treatment. And…

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