Learn why having braces in the summer is a good idea.

Having Braces in Ocoee FL over the Summer

Summer is a time for slower schedules, going on vacation, and spending time with friends. It can also be a good time to work on your smile. So how does having braces in summer change things?

Getting Braces in the Summer Makes Sense

Starting orthodontic treatment may be the last thing your teen wants to do during their summer break from school, but it’s really a good idea for several reasons. They won’t have to miss any classes for their initial appointment, which generally takes a little longer than follow-up appointments. If they have some discomfort when they get their braces on, they won’t be dealing with homework or tests at the same time.

School sports and musical activities generally take a break over the summer, so athletes and musicians have time to adjust to having braces before the next season begins. Teens who play contact sports will want to get a mouthguard designed to fit over their braces, and musicians will probably need a week or two of practice before playing with braces feels normal.

Traveling with Braces

Whether you’re going out of town with family or headed off to summer camp, traveling with braces is easy. You don’t have to worry about packing them since they’re attached to your teeth, but you will want to bring a few items to keep your treatment on track while you’re gone.

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Dental floss
  • Floss threaders
  • Orthodontic wax
  • Nail clippers
  • Unsharpened pencil with eraser

The last two items may seem odd, but they can help you deal with a loose wire until you get home and schedule an appointment to see us. You can use the pencil eraser to push the end of a wire back into place. Nail clippers can be used to trim a longer loose wire if necessary.

If you’re done with braces and are wearing a retainer, be sure to bring your case with you so you have a safe place to store it while it’s not being worn. The only thing worse than losing your retainer at home is losing somewhere that you’ll be leaving in a few days.

Summer Food Favorites

While West Orange County is warm a good portion of the year, there are still some foods that are traditionally enjoyed more in the summer. People with braces do need to be a little careful about what they eat, but the majority of summer foods can still be enjoyed.

Fruits like berries and melons are fine for braces, just be sure to brush and floss to remove any seeds from your teeth and braces. Fresh vegetables are great too if they are cooked, and many are fine raw too. You will want to forgo eating ears of corn, but you can still enjoy it if you cut it off the cob first.

Ice cream, smoothies, and slushes are not only refreshing in the summer, they can also help alleviate potential discomfort after an appointment.

Don’t Take a Break from Brushing and Flossing

You can set aside your studies and extracurricular activities during the summer, but still need to take care of your teeth. Continue to brush after every meal, or at least twice a day. Use your floss threader and clean between each tooth to remove any food and avoid plaque and cavities. This can be a good time to experiment with other ways to boost your dental hygiene, like using a water flosser or adding mouthwash to your daily routine.

If you’ve been thinking about braces for your teen, now is the perfect time to get them started. It definitely will not ruin their summer, and they’ll be well on their way to getting a new smile before school starts again in the fall.

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