Learn if you should get braces again.

Should I Get Braces Again?

For most patients, completing orthodontic treatment is something they only consider going through once. Most think braces are meant to improve their smile permanently. However, it’s very possible you’ll need braces more than once to ensure your smile looks its best and stays as healthy as possible.

Wearing Your Retainer

Obviously, your goal should be to maintain your new smile after you’ve invested your time and money into orthodontic treatment with braces or Invisalign. The key to doing just that is wearing your retainer as your orthodontist prescribes.

If you complete treatment with Fravel Brewer Orthodontics, you’ll go home with a retainer and instructions for how often you need to wear it. Most patients need to wear their retainers full-time with the exception of meals right after they finish treatment. However, after the first few months, most patients only need to wear it at night.

Your retainer is designed to keep your teeth in their new positions after getting your braces off, which is why it’s important to wear it as instructed. Be sure to remove it for meals and to store it safely away from heat to avoid damage. Don’t let animals get it and try not to wrap it in a napkin or it could very easily end up in the trash. If you do damage or lose your retainer, be sure to replace it as soon as possible.

What Happens If I Don’t Wear My Retainer?

If something happens to your retainer and you don’t replace it, or if you simply stop wearing it, your teeth are vulnerable to relapse, which is when your teeth move back to their old, crooked positions.

This is especially true right after you get your braces removed or finish your last set of Invisalign aligners, but teeth can still shift months or years after you complete orthodontic treatment. You will likely need to periodically replace your retainer with a new one to make sure you are getting the retention you need to maintain your smile.

What If I Need Braces Again?

Things happen in life, and wearing a retainer can end up pretty low on the totem pole of daily tasks and responsibilities. If you stopped wearing your retainer and tried to put it back in, only to find it no longer fits, it might be time to think about treatment again. Another sign it’s time for more treatment is if your teeth are starting to look crooked or crowded again.

Thankfully, you can restore your straight smile. If you end up needing braces again, you can expect a significantly shorter treatment time than when you had them before. Invisalign might be a great option too.  There are different levels of Invisalign that can help you get your smile looking straight and feeling healthy again. Invisalign Lite is often completed in six months to a year and Invisalign Express can be finished in six months or less, sometimes in as little as 10 weeks.

While it may seem inconvenient or even a little disappointing to have to get braces or Invisalign again, restoring your ideal, healthiest smile is very much worth it.

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