Do I Need an Orthodontist?

With so many new options to straighten your teeth, it can be difficult to decide if you should see an Orthodontist or use a different service. There are many companies offering mailed trays, at-home impressions and even some dentists offer a clear aligner option to their current patients. Is this the best way to complete your Orthodontic treatment or should you visit an office?

Here are a few reasons to see a licensed Orthodontist:

They are trained in the specialization of Orthodontics.
Orthodontists spend 2 years of study, which qualifies them to actually move your teeth. They know what to look for in children as young as 7 for future Orthodontic needs. Orthodontists understand the movement of teeth and how to get the results you are looking to achieve, and many offices offer both traditional braces and clear aligner options. Many dentists are not trained in this area of study, and you may end up having to visit an Orthodontist later.

Seeing an Orthodontist first can save you time and money in the long run.
Because a dentist does not have the training of an Orthodontist, it’s more likely that there can be mistakes or unexpected issues with stubborn teeth. An Orthodontic Specialist is able to use many resources to keep your treatment on track and provide you with a beautiful smile.

Similarly, ‘at-home’ treatments do not offer in-person contact and expertise like with your Orthodontist. These treatments also require a patient to perform their own impressions with provided ‘goo’ and trays. At many offices, including Fravel Brewer, the doctors use an intraoral scanner to more easily create a mold of the teeth.

Orthodontists can fix bite issues
More than just creating beautiful smiles, an Orthodontist is able to correct bite issues that may cause dental issues. Repairing cross bites, crowding and even jaw deformities can help with overall dental health, comfort and self-confidence. We strive to make sure every patient is happy, with both the look of their smile and their overall dental health.

If you are thinking about Orthodontic treatment, Fravel Brewer offers traditional braces – both ceramic and metal options – or Invisalign!

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