Flossing and Brushing

Which Comes First: Flossing Or Brushing?

floss after they brush, but what’s the right way? Does it truly make a difference?

There have been a few studies performed to answer this question and they have determined that the best routine may be: floss, brush, mouthwash. The idea behind this is that flossing before brushing does a thorough job of removing dental plaque, then allowing the brush to get rid of anything else left on the teeth or in the mouth.

This routine was also found to increase the fluoride concentration in your mouth which further strengthens your tooth enamel. This is a result of this sequence being followed and allowing the toothpaste to stay on the teeth or coating the teeth with mouthwash that includes a fluoride element.

While it is interesting to see the results of studies that suggest a Floss-Brush routine, the important part is that you do both steps each time you brush your teeth. This can be more difficult when it comes to flossing with braces so here are a few tips for getting around your brackets and wires.

Use a waxed dental floss as it is less likely to get caught on your braces and allows for a smoother flossing experience. Another great tool is a floss threader! This small plastic tool helps you thread your floss through your braces to get between teeth near the gums. You can also grab some interdental brushes or floss picks that are specifically created for use with braces.

Remember, it’s still best practice to brush at least twice a day for two minutes. So grab those timers and your favorite flossing tool and brush. Make sure you get the most of your dental routine every day, no matter the order you choose.

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