will braces change my face

Will Braces Change My Face?

If you look at someone’s face before and after braces or Invisalign, you may notice some slight changes in their appearance. So, it’s common for patients to ask if or how much braces may change their face.

Orthodontic treatment can bring changes to a person’s face. However – these changes are completely positive! Wearing braces or Invisalign will fix alignment issues between your teeth and your jawline, which will give your face and mouth a more symmetrical, natural look.

How Will Braces Change My Face?

There are three common orthodontic issues that can dramatically affect a person’s appearance when they’re corrected with braces or Invisalign.

  • Underbites: With an underbite, the bottom teeth sit in front of the top teeth, causing the lower jaw to stick out. By fixing the way the teeth and jaws meet, the lower half of the face appears more balanced, allowing for a softer, more natural appearance.
  • Overbites: As opposed to underbites, people with overbites can appear to have a “weak” chin and sunken cheeks. Braces will help balance the facial profile, establishing a stronger chin and jawline.
  • Open bites: When you have an open bite, the front teeth don’t close naturally, making your lips and mouth appear stretched out. Braces will enable the front teeth to close easily, improving your smile and giving you fuller cheeks.

Do Braces Change Your Nose Shape?

No. Even though braces and Invisalign can adjust your teeth and jaws, they don’t directly affect the shape or size of your nose.

However, they can create the illusion that your nose has changed, depending on your treatment. For example, if braces pull your upper teeth back significantly or bring your lips in or out more, your facial profile changes, which could make it seem as though your nose looks different, especially from the side.

Do Braces Change Your Lips and Make Them Look Bigger?

Kind of. Braces can change the position of your lips, but not necessarily their fullness or shape. Your lips’ appearance may change as an indirect effect of changes to the teeth immediately behind them.

For example, if you have an underbite and you get braces to properly align your upper and lower front teeth, your upper lip could appear plumper as a result. Or, if your top teeth stick out, and you get braces to straighten them, your lip should appear less full.

One exception to note is your lips may temporarily look bigger if you’re wearing traditional braces. This is caused by the extra width of the braces between your teeth and lips. Your lips will return to their regular appearance once your braces are removed.

Do Braces Change Your Jawline?

Yes and no. This applies more to younger patients, whose bones are still growing and changing as they go through orthodontic treatment. However, as an adult, braces aren’t likely to significantly change your jawline.

How Does Invisalign Change Your Face Shape, Nose, Lips Or Jawline?

While Invisalign aligners can change the position of your lips, they usually don’t make them look fuller or change how your profile looks. However, if you wear Invisalign to adjust the alignment of your upper teeth, you may see some slight impact on your lips’ appearance and side profile. If you use rubber bands and attachments with Invisalign to correct a bite issue, your appearance will change in the same way as if you used braces to correct your bite.

Ready to Get Braces or Invisalign?

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