What Can I Do to Get My Braces off Sooner?

Use these tips from the best orthodontist in Ocoee and West Orange County to get your braces off sooner.

The best part of having braces is getting them off and seeing the results. Moving teeth can seem like a long process, especially if you’re missing out on eating some of your favorite foods or you have a few particularly tough issues to fix. If you have found yourself wondering if there is something you…

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Why Rubber Bands Are Used on Braces

Learn why rubber bands are used on braces and Invisalign from the best orthodontist in West Orange County, Ocoee, and Winter Springs FL.

Considering the years of education and training it takes to become an orthodontist, it may seem a bit odd that one of the most frequently used tools in an orthodontic office is a tiny rubber band. Is it really the best way to fix someone’s smile? How much can it do? Quite a lot, actually.…

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Will I Be Wearing a Retainer Forever?

Patients often wonder if they will be wearing a retainer forever. An orthodontist in West Orange County answers this important question.

Getting your braces off or finishing with your last Invisalign aligner is a great feeling. You’ve made it to the finish line and are ready to just enjoy your new smile. Many orthodontic patients are surprised, and frankly a little disappointed, to find out they will need to use a retainer after their treatment is…

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Top 7 Questions about Insurance for Braces

Answers to your questions about insurance for braces from an orthodontist in Winter Garden FL

Insurance is the most common way to make healthcare more affordable in the U.S. We have insurance for doctors’ visits, hospital stays, prescriptions, dental treatment, and trips to the eye doctor. But did you know insurance often helps pay for orthodontic treatment as well? Insurance for braces is a real thing, and you may already…

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How Do Braces Work?

How do braces work? Find out from the best orthodontist in Ocoee and West Orange County FL

Braces are a type of dental device used to correct crowded or crooked teeth, or misaligned jaws. Most people think of preteens and teens wearing braces, however, it is becoming more and more common for adults to get them too. And why not? The benefits of a beautiful, healthy smile are ageless. Before diving into…

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