Virtual Consultations

Convenient free virtual consultation at Fravel Brewer Orthodontics

We’d love to see your virtual smile!

Let's face is busy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get the smile you deserve. For years, we have looked for the best, most efficient ways to provide the best care in the shortest amount of time with the fewest visits. With that efficiency in mind, we are now offering virtual consultations!

The benefits of virtual consultations

With a virtual consult, we can provide you a great deal of information without you setting foot in our office, including choices of braces or aligners, expected length of treatment and financing options.

You can start a virtual consultation whenever you’d like and review the information you receive at your convenience. If you want more information or clarification, we can schedule a video consult with one of our orthodontists.

If your child is nervous about going to see an orthodontist for the first time, a virtual consult is the perfect solution. They can have fun sticking spoons in their mouth (see below) while you take pictures of them, and you can get an idea of what type of treatment they might need.

How does a virtual orthodontic consult work?

virtual consult 2

If you are ready to conduct your virtual consult, simply click on “Request an Appointment” at the top right and indicate in the notes section that you prefer to do your initial evaluation virtually. Don't forget, all initial consultations, virtual or in-person, are complimentary!

Capturing photos of your teeth will make your virtual consultation even better since it gives our orthodontist a chance to evaluate your teeth. It’s simple! Just follow the steps below.

Taking your photos

1. Find a camera, two spoons and a friend or family member

2. Take the following series of 6 photos. Keep in mind, these photos don’t need to be perfect. We’re just looking for a rough idea of your treatment needs and how braces or Invisalign may help.


3. When you’re done, email the photos along with your to Not to worry, we'll do all the cropping.