What are colors? Can I have them?

Colors are the little elastic rings that fit over your braces, often referred to as "O-rings." They act as a bumper to help keep your braces feeling smooth. We have a large rainbow of colors to choose from, and they will be changed at every regular appointment, providing your hygiene is always good!

What will my braces look like?

At Fravel Brewer Orthodontics, you can choose the types of braces that best fits your lifestyle! Metal braces, when kept sparkling and clean, can be thought of as jewelry for your teeth. With this option you can personalize your braces with your choice of school, sport, seasonal or simply your favorite colors. Ceramic (clear) braces are a first choice for our adult patients and some of our younger patients who are active in modeling and the movies, or just like the look of the clear braces. This option provides an almost invisible way to achieve that beautiful smile while maintaining your professional image. Gold braces are an option to express that unique and distinctive personality!

Will I have to wear rubber bands (elastics)?

While everyone's teeth are different, most every patient will wear these elastics at some time in their treatment. Whether you are wearing them to close space or to correct your bite, good cooperation is important. Poor elastic wear can lead to extended treatment time, so be sure to wear them as instructed. We also have elastics in some bright, fun colors.

What sterilization techniques are used?

You can rest assured that our office follows strict, up-to-date OSHA sterilization guidelines. We frequently attend continuing education seminars on sterilization in the dental office. Our entire staff is educated and informed on any changes and additions needed to stay current with sterilization procedures. Please feel free to ask any questions or share your concerns with our office.

Can I still play sports and musical instruments with my braces?

When playing contact sports, we recommend wearing a mouth guard. Be sure to ask at your next appointment about having one fitted. As far as playing musical instruments, there are no restrictions.

Are there certain foods I can't eat?

Your braces are very strong, but they are not indestructible. You should take special care not to eat the wrong foods during orthodontic treatment. We will provide you with a list of foods to avoid. The list consists mainly of foods that are hard, sharp, sticky and crunchy. Foods such as popcorn, nuts, hard chips, raw carrots, caramel and other chewy candies will loosen your braces. Continuous breakage will result in extended treatment time, so be selective about the foods you eat.

What are Ortho Dollars?

Ortho Dollars are our way of rewarding our patients for cooperation in maintaining their healthy smiles. At every appointment you can earn up to 3 Ortho Dollars by doing three simple things:

  • Be on time for your appointment.
  • Make sure that your teeth are super clean.
  • Try not to have anything loose or broken.

Our Ortho Dollars store has a great selection of goodies that you can buy, so check out our store and start saving for that special reward! You've earned it!