Repair v Emergency Appointment

Repair v Emergency Appointment
Posted on 04/12/2018

If you have just begun treatment with us and now have this odd appliance in your mouth or have braces you are in a whole new world, the world of orthodontics! Just as in life, there may be some complications in your journey through orthodontics and we are here to help ease your mind and let you know the differences between these challenges. 

Here at Dr. Fravel’s office we classify these orthodontic challenges into two categories: repair and emergency. A repair appointment covers majority of the things that may occur during your treatment, while an emergency is considered something major just as severe pain, swelling, or an appliance hanging out of your mouth. Let’s dive in and see the difference between repair and emergency…


Our office strives to be perfect so when we put the braces on your teeth our ultimate goal is to not have any fall off. Sometimes as dry as we try and keep the tooth surface there may be some saliva that sneaks its way onto the tooth so it doesn’t make a strong bond. If a bracket does happen to fall off or is a little loose on the tooth it is not a time to freak out – we promise! At your earliest convenience and during our office hours please call to get scheduled to have the bracket replaced.

Throughout your treatment your teeth will be continuously moving and the wires will also be moving with your teeth. Sometimes the wires will elongate in the back of your mouth and start poking your cheek. If this does happen, use some wax to cover where it is poking you and then call us during business hours to get scheduled to have the wire clipped.

Another common problem that may arise even before the braces or appliance are placed are those pesky separators! If a separator falls out there is no need to panic, just call us the next day to get scheduled to have it replaced. If the separator falls out over the weekend, and your next appointment is that Monday just come 30 minutes early and let us know you lost a separator over the weekend.


A true orthodontic emergency is considered a time when you are in severe pain and there is nothing that you can do to ease that pain. This also includes if there is an injury to your mouth and there is bleeding, or if there is an infection and swelling. If you are in Phase I and have an orthodontic appliance an emergency for you would be having a piece of the appliance hanging out of your mouth. If you are definitely experiencing an orthodontic emergency and it is not during office hours please contact us by calling (407) 372-3384, press in your phone number followed by the pound sign (hashtag) and someone will get back to you.


Now another factor that not everyone is prepared for with braces is soreness. Unfortunately this is not something we will be able to solve in the office. Every time you visit us plan on being sore for the next few days, if the soreness persists for at least a week pleas give us a call so we can check and make sure everything is ok. Definitely rely on softer foods and you may want to alternate between your choices of ibuprofen to help with the pain. Remember the soreness will be worth it in the end when you have the smile of your dreams!