Reasons to visit and Orthodontist instead of a Dentist

Reasons to visit and Orthodontist instead of a Dentist
Posted on 04/02/2013

If you are worried or embarrassed about the appearance of your teeth, then you may have considered visiting a dentist or orthodontist for help. There are, however, several notable attributes that distinguish orthodontists from dentists, making them a better option for many dental patients with problems relating to tooth or jaw misalignment. Read through the following to learn more about what orthodontists do, and how you might benefit from visiting an orthodontist's office instead than a dentist.

Area of Expertise

While dentists typically focus on the health and condition of teeth and gums by filling cavities, treating gingivitis, and promoting good oral hygiene, orthodontists focus primarily on correcting the positioning and alignment of teeth and the jaw. By seeing a specialist in this area, not a physician with a general familiarity of the arena, you can be sure that your problems will be expertly addressed.


Attaining a degree in orthodontics entails two or more years of additional residency following dental certification and further coursework in tooth movement, facial development, and orthopedics. Additionally, orthodontists will likely be certified by agencies associated specifically with the field of orthodontics. Prospective patients can use these credentials (unattainable by regular dentists) to identify the most qualified orthodontists in their vicinity.

Treatment Options

Those who decide to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist will likely find that there are more treatment options available to them than at a traditional dentist's office. For example, various types of braces (metal or Invisalign), a range of retainers, and other solutions are all offered by orthodontists. It is also likely that orthodontic patients will have access to newer technologies and techniques, as good orthodontists never cease to learn and adapt the newest and best methods.

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