No More Plaque Covered Teeth!

No More Plaque Covered Teeth!
Posted on 06/21/2016

Move aside disclosing tablets there is a new plaque identifier in town!  Cross Out Disclosing Tab

While attending the AAO Conference in Orlando this past spring, our eyes were opened to the new Plaque-Identifying Toothpaste called Plaque HD! Instead of chewing those gross tablets and seeing where the pink sticks to, you can now choose between two flavors: Berry Bubblegum and Mint, then you brush your teeth normally. However, after brushing your teeth with Plaque HD you won’t see necessarily clean teeth, instead your teeth will look green from the toothpaste sticking and showing you where the plaque is in your mouth!  In order to have sparkly white teeth again just brush your teeth until there is no more green!

A study was conducted through the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry and they found that the participants who used the experimental toothpaste showed significantly less plaque between visits than the participants using different toothpaste.  With less plaque found at dental visits, there is a lower chance of plaque-related damages to teeth and oral tissues along with better overall oral hygiene.

Do you think it is worth an extra brushing of the teeth if you end up having less plaque on your teeth at your next dental or orthodontic visit? Check out these pictures from patients who have tried Plaque HD and maybe your mind will be made up! Happy Brushing!

Plaque HD Before Plaque HD During Plaque HD After