No Goop, No Gag, No Worries - the iTero Scanner is Here!

No Goop, No Gag, No Worries - the iTero Scanner is Here!
Posted on 06/08/2017

No Goop, No Gag, No Worries – the iTero Scanner is Here!


I’m sure many of you have heard or experienced the orthodontic impression process, and know that it isn’t the prettiest or most comfortable. Things are changing around our office though with the arrival of iTero Element Scanner!


Now hold your horses if you are thinking you will get scanned when you come in because you lost your retainer. As of now we are scanning only new Invisalign patients, however in the future we hope to broaden the use of the scanner to include retainer impressions and possibly all of our New Patients!


The scanner has many aspects that we are excited to bring to our practice; the first is obviously eliminating the need for impressions for Invisalign patients. We will know right after the scan is taken if it is good enough for Invisalign to make all the aligners. That way we won’t be calling patients back into the office to take a new impression. Also the amount of time we need for an appointment will be shorter; after some practice we should be able to do scans in about 20 minutes!


One of the most exciting parts of the scanner is that immediately after having the scan done on your teeth, you will get to see a model on the screen of how they look. We can then change the model from right now to your final product after your treatment with Invisalign, all before you have your first set of aligners in your mouth! Who wouldn’t want to be able to see that?! 


The addition of the iTero Element Scanner is definitely an aspect of our practice that will be growing in the future – so stay tuned! J


   Kailey Scan EDIT