Kathy's Journey with Invisalign

Kathy's Journey with Invisalign
Posted on 07/06/2016

Ever want a behind the scenes look at what it would be like to have Invisalign? Well wonder no more! We now have a liaison; Kathy, one of our very own started her journey with Invisalign and is here to give us some pros and cons about the process!

Kathy thinks the most difficult part of Invisalign is removing the trays every time you want to eat or drink anything besides water. It can be difficult to remove the trays because they are tight to your teeth in order to move them; there is also a possibility of a few things actually being attached to your teeth in order to keep the tray in place. Now some may look at the difficulty of removing the trays as a downside to Invisalign, especially Kathy and anyone else who enjoys eating or snacking. However, Kathy said that she has actually lost a couple pounds just because the trays are such a pain to remove that she sometimes decides it isn’t even worth the snack she was removing them to eat!

Other than the annoyance of removing the Invisalign trays, Kathy could only think of positive attributes about the Invisalign process. She loves the fact that no one can tell that she has Invisalign trays on her teeth – maybe only at the beginning of her treatment when she was still getting used to speaking with the trays in because it took a little getting used to, however other than that no one can tell! The treatment time is also relatively shorter which Kathy also appreciates because then she isn’t giving up years of not eating certain foods because you have regular metal braces. A perk that she recently found out is that her last Invisalign tray can be used as a bleaching tray as well! So instead of coming into the office and having trays made so that she can make sure her pearly whites are indeed white she can just purchase the bleaching gel and whiten those beautiful teeth of hers!

Just like any orthodontic treatment there are some benefits and obstacles no matter what you choose to straighten your teeth! You just have to know your lifestyle and choose the best treatment for you!

As always, keep smiling!

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