Good Habit Building in 2019 & Beyond

Good Habit Building in 2019 & Beyond
Posted on 12/27/2018
Habit building is an important life skill that benefits you at any age. And if you're going through orthodontic treatment, it becomes even more important. Learning to build healthy habits right from the start will guarantee a quicker, more comfortable time in braces. It's also important to keep good oral hygiene habits in place after moving on to a retainer, otherwise the results will be short lived. It takes at least 21 consecutive days to build a lasting habit, which doesn't seem like a lot. 

One missed day might go unnoticed but it leads to another and then another. Before you know it, it's time for your next appointment and you realize that it's been weeks since you properly flossed! So finding a way of tracking what you are and are not doing is essential. 
There are plenty of apps to help you keep track of what you are and are not doing. Many of them are free and most sync across all your devices. Some of the most popular habit building tools include: 
  • Habit Bull: A simple but effective way to track what you are and are not doing. There is a limited number of habits you can track in the free version but if you start off using it to track just your oral hygiene, you might find it works better than you expected and is worth the investment. 
  • Habit Share: Just like some people need to a class to get themselves working out, HabitShare integrates an aspect of social media to help you build the habits you want. You can share some and keep others private, as well as see the ones your friends are building. This app is also completely free! 
  • Habitica: What makes this app unique is it treats goal setting and habit building like a video game. You can create a personalized avatar and as you complete daily habits and tasks that contribute to bigger goals, you'll level up and unlock different achievements. 
If you're a more artistic personality, bullet journaling might be the best fit for you. While it is a little more time consuming to draw and fill in a habit tracker, the time you put into creating it will create a sense that the hardest part is already done. After all, taking the first step towards any goal is always the most difficult and now you just have to perform one habit, once a day and color in a box. Bullet journaling is extremely popular at the moment, so you'll be able to find endless amounts of inspiration and templates on Pinterest, Tumblr. or Instagram. 
Of course, there's also a lot to be said for keeping it simple and just setting a reminder on your phone or tablet every day. If the idea of tracking your habits feels a little too much like extra homework or something you'll dread doing, then a simple daily reminder might just be all you need.
The most important thing is that you're keeping your braces or appliance clean on a daily basis, eating bracket friendly foods, and keeping up with your regular adjustments.