Going Back to School in Braces

Going Back to School in Braces
Posted on 07/30/2018

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In Florida, we don’t exactly have autumn. We miss out on the leaves changing and it’s never quite crisp enough for a bonfire. But one part of the season we could never escape from is the energy of back to school season! There’s supplies and clothing shopping, getting signed up for sports, maybe even taking your driver’s test. While most of it is exciting, there are plenty of stressors about going back to school, especially if you’re making the transition to middle or high school.  And if you got braces over the summer, you might have a few extra things on your mind.

The most important thing to remember about starting a new school year with braces is that you're going to notice them more than anyone. And not just because it's your mouth they’re in. Braces and orthodontic appliances have become much more common in the last few decades. Besides being more discreet and affordable than ever, braces have joined glasses as just another thing people wear. Some patients even like the look of them. Emma Watson had them, Willow Smith had them, Prince Harry had them - heck, Gwen Stefani matched brackets to her bright pink hair back in the 90s. You might feel awkward or uncomfortable going back to class with them but  we promise, treatment is going be over before you know it and won’t be nearly as bad as you imagined it.

However, this does not apply if you have all sorts of food and gunk stuck in your braces! Which is why you should make sure to have....


  • Toothpaste & brush: You have to keep those braces clean! Make sure to give them a good brushing after lunch and if you need help learning how to do so with braces, check out our YouTube for an instructional video featuring assistants, Amy & Eriel.
  • Floss: Conventional floss or ortho flossers both work great. We also have YouTube videos to help show you the specific way to floss during treatment.
  • Wax: You’re not going to be able to concentrate in class if you’ve got a poking wire or have any discomfort from braces rubbing inside your mouth. Wax will help keep you from getting too irritated while you wait for your next appointment.
  • Lip balm: Just like the wax, lip balm helps keep you comfortable. Dry lips rubbing against your braces will get very annoying, very fast.
  • Over the counter pain medications: If your school rules allow it, don’t forget to keep some ibuprofen or aspirin in your bag for after adjustment discomfort.
  • A small mirror: To help check for any leftover lunch debris.
  • A water bottle: Hydration is important for your whole body, but a dry mouth with braces is especially uncomfortable. It’s also helpful for rinsing after your brush!

And if you need them, don't forget:

  • Extra rubber bands
  • A mouthguard for sports or musical instruments

Braces Kit
And just as important to have with you during the school day is a lunch that will be kind to your new braces! So nothing too crunchy, too sticky, or with too many small pieces, like a granola bar. Stick to the softer foods like sandwiches with lunch meats, macaroni and cheese, pudding, and smoothies.

Remember, the better care you take of your braces, the smoother your treatment will go and you’ll get better results. It’s just like with your homework, it might seem annoying to have another responsibility added to your already full plate, but at the end of it, these little things are going to add up to something great in the future!