Best Halloween Candy for Braces

Best Halloween Candy for Braces
Posted on 11/04/2014
This Halloween, you may be tempted to dive into that candy pile. It’s important, though, to take caution when eating sugar and treats this season.

Stick with soft chocolate this Halloween if you have braces

Avoid Eating the Wrong Candy with Braces

This time of year I always like to warn against eating the “wrong” kind of candy. Eating candy in general is not something I recommend as an orthodontist, and it imperative practice good oral hygiene with braces. Because there is a high sugar content in candy, it is detrimental to teeth and can cause rot and decay. Sugar especially likes to sneak in and hang out around the brackets. These sugars can corrode the teeth and cause some serious damage. As I said, it is never good to indulge in tons of sugar or to eat lots of candy when you have braces (or even when you don’t for that matter!) but I know that just like myself, it is inevitable that people will indulge in a little Halloween candy now and then.

Avoiding Chewy Candy and Hard Candy with Braces

The best way to save yourself from undue pain is to know what types of food and candies to avoid. Chewy candy is the number one culprit to pain associated with braces. Chewy candy such as caramel, jelly beans, suckers and Tootsie Rolls have the tendency to get stuck in the brackets of braces. While chewing, this sticky candy can pull and tug at the braces causing stress to the teeth. Not only can the pulling be painful, it could also cause an unwanted accident with your braces. Some candies have caused patients to damage their wires and brackets.

Another major type of candy to avoid is hard candies. Candies such as Jawbreakers, Jolly Ranchers, and Fireballs can not only do damage to your braces, but can bust a tooth. Toss the hard candies and stick to some good old fashion chocolate! Be sure that you brush really well anytime you indulge in some candy.

It may be hard, but you’ll be glad in the long run if you avoid the candy that can cause harm to your braces and stick with the safe stuff.

Every year Dr. Fravel is willing to buy back your Halloween candy. Stay connected with our office to get more information regarding our candy buy back.

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