Don't Do It Yourself Braces

Don't Do It Yourself Braces
Posted on 07/15/2015

Whether you’re looking to try a new hairstyle, create a culinary masterpiece or learn the basics of home repair, chances are you can watch an online tutorial and master a new skill in a matter of minutes. YouTube is home to thousands of Do It Yourself videos that have saved consumers big bucks. However, the latest Do It Yourself YouTube trend that encourages viewers to straighten their own teeth, can lead to serious health problems.

The original DIY orthodontic video, which was posted several years ago, but just started generating attention, features a female closing a gap in her teeth by placing a small, clear hairbands around the two teeth surrounding the gap. She says she was in excruciating pain for the first week of the DIY treatment, but once the pain subsided, it took a little more than a month to close the gap and it only cost $5.

Once the video began to go viral recently, dozens of DIY orthodontic videos began popping up online and that has orthodontists worried about the damage being done by DIY braces.

Dr. Fravel and the American Association of Orthodontists warn against DIY braces for several reasons. Dr. Fravel stresses that moving teeth with undiagnosed oral health problems may lead to irreparable damage and even permanent tooth loss. Keep in mind, there are multiple issues such as cysts, periodontal disease, root abnormalities, cavities, etc., that can only be seen with diagnostic tests, x-rays and an in-person examination.

Dr. Fravel says you may think you’re just closing a gap between your teeth, but closing one gap, creates another gap somewhere in your mouth. When teeth shift, it can create a misaligned bite, which can cause problems with the jaw and tooth enamel. Plus, the elastic bands can actually work their way under the gum and destroy soft tissue and bone.

Dr. Fravel’s Office strives to make braces affordable and offers a variety of options and payment plans, allowing you to achieve your best and brightest smile in the safest way possible.

Bottom line; leave the DIY projects for home repair, hair styling and cooking. Leave orthodontics to the experts and don’t try this at home.