Posted on 08/30/2017


With everyone back in school the summer craziness has now morphed into hectic back-to-school schedules! Even though school brings crazy times, we want to remind you about a couple of things pertaining to your teeth health!

After your journey with braces you will have a retainer, and when you first have your braces removed you should be wearing your retainer all day except when you are eating. Where do you put your retainer when you are at lunch though? Well take my advice do NOT put it in a napkin and then onto your lunch tray. Let’s just say I was doing some dumpster diving at the end of the day in order to find my retainer. What you should do is put your retainer into the case for safe keeping. A colorful case will definitely catch your eye if it is on your tray, or you can keep it in your backpack or locker for extra protection.  

If you are still sporting the braces don’t be ashamed to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste to school in order to brush your teeth after eating lunch (no one wants to see that spinach salad you just ate). When you have braces it can be harder to get a good clean mouth since the wires and brackets are preventing you from getting at your entire tooth.  You do have to work extra hard at keeping them clean! Plus when you get your braces taken off you won’t have spots on your teeth from poor oral hygiene during your treatment.

The last thing I cannot stress enough is wearing a mouth guard! If you are playing any contact sport albeit football, soccer, field hockey, etc. it is always better to air on the cautious side to protect all the work that is being done to your teeth. If you have braces the only recommendation we have is to not mold the mouth guard to your teeth. Throughout your treatment your teeth will constantly be moving. If you mold the mouth guard to where your teeth were that mold may not be where they are a few weeks later! The perfect mouth guard is available right here in your favorite orthodontists’ office, Dr. William K. Fravel! If you are out of braces and those pearly whites are beautiful and perfect then by all means mold those mouth guards!

If you ever have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask us! Hope everyone has a great back-to-school season!


Educationally yours,