The Three R's


Removal, Retention and Referrals

The day your braces are removed will be a very exciting and rewarding day of celebration. At this time, retainers will be placed to hold the position of your teeth. Just as important as good cooperation was during your treatment, retainers are equally if not more important. Faithful retainer wear is imperative to maintaining your straight smile. Retainers are generally worn full-time (day and night) for the first three months following the removal of your braces. From that time on, you will wear your retainers at night only, unless otherwise advised. We will provide you with a case to keep your retainers in for protection. If you retainer is lost or broken, please contact the office as soon as possible to avoid any movement of your teeth. Cleaning your retainer is easy; just brush it with your toothbrush and toothpaste after brushing your teeth. Never soak your retainer in hot water or mouthwash, and never leave it in a place where it can be broken.

After the first year of the retention phase, you will be dismissed. Your teeth will still have a slight tendency to move back to their original position, so continue to wear your retainers as often as possible and as long as they fit properly. This is very easy to do and it will encourage less movement. If at any time you have any questions or your retainers need adjusting, please contact our office. We would love to see you again!

And of course, we certainly welcome and appreciate referrals. Your friends and family needing orthodontic care mean a lot to us. There is no greater compliment to our office than to have a personal referral from another patient! We will be honored to have the opportunity to treat them with the same enthusiastic and professional care you have received.